Jesus, Take the Wheel! – Lessons from the Book of Daniel

The Disciple Diaries

The chapter this week is quite long, but I encourage you to read it. As we look at the second chapter of Daniel this week, I want you to read this considering an impossible trial you may be facing. Are you facing redundancy, your house being repossessed, re-sitting a failed exam, lots of debt, health issues with no sign of a cure, or any other impossible situation? Think of that thing as we go through the next Life Lesson in Daniel.

Background to Daniel 2

So the King of Babylon had this crazy dream and wants to know what it means. So he calls on his “diviners, mediums, sorcerers and Chaldeans (Babylonian wise men)” to not only interpret the dream, but tell him what he dreamt. This was an impossible task: how can someone know what you’ve dreamt? Despite how unrealistic request, if they didn’t do it, they would die. Obviously, they couldn’t…

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