Dysautonomia: the umbrella

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People often find it confusing when I use the words Dysautonomia and POTS interchangeably in a conversation. They’re like, “Hang on, which one is it that you have?” I know that a lot of newly diagnosed patients struggle with this too, so I thought I’d make an infographic to explain.

I’m a visual girl, so I’ll use any excuse to make a picture 😉
But I do hope it makes it a little less confusing for everyone.

Dysautonomia umbrella

‘Dysautonomia’ is the umbrella term for conditions where the autonomic nervous system (ANS) doesn’t work properly. There are lots of different kinds of dysautonomia. I personally have POTS, which you can see listed on the picture (along with the many other kinds of dysautonomia). For a more detailed (but still easy to understand) explanation of Dysautonomia, click here.

Feel free to share with your befuddled family and friends!

xx S.


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