A Lesson in Obedience from the Virgin Mary

“Imagine growing up with your morals intact. You (seemingly) have a spotless record, and you’ve been working hard to maintain that. You’re educated, well behaved, no run-ins with the law, humble, kind hearted, loving and a virgin. You’re also engaged. You’ve found the one God intended for you to spend your life with and you’re not only excited to marry him, but you’re excited that you were able to maintain your purity for him; that’s no easy feat.

Now imagine you’re at home one day, doing your laundry or reading, or whatever you do during your quiet moments alone and you hear a still small voice – a tiny whisper, perhaps – that tells you you’re pregnant. Of course this seems ridiculous considering you’ve never had sex – and everyone knows you need sex in order to have a baby.

So you’re baffled. Probably a little nervous. Maybe even sweating…

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