Different Types of Love

A complicated person, with a complicated life

Today in Human Sexuality class we talked about love and classifying different types of love.  There were two theories we focused on but I’m just going to blog on Sternberg’s triangular theory of love (at least for now.)  There are 8 different types of “love” depending on whether you have high or low: intimacy, passion, and commitment.  I made some images in paint for the visual people out there.  First here are the 8 triangles in general.


Now to go through each one and give you a quick sum up and/or example.

non love

Non love- low intimacy, low commitment, and low passion.  Relationships that would be an example could be acquaintances, co-workers, or teacher/student.


Liking- high intimacy, low commitment, low passion.  Relationships that would be an example is friendships.


Infatuation- low intimacy, low commitment, high passion.  Examples would be lust or a crush.

empty love

Empty Love- low intimacy, high commitment, low passion…

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2 thoughts on “Different Types of Love

    • You are welcome, I should be saying thank you for being so brave and talking about mental health . I will be taking the 3o days challenge fingers crossed .

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