Ten Top Fashion Magazines

The Fashion Foot

1) Vogue


One of the most influential fashion magazines in the world, this classy, American creation has a focus on fashion and lifestyle. Filled with trends, high-end designers, and influential fashion personalities, this is a issue for the fashion-obsessed

2) Elle


Created in France, this is one of the largest and best-selling fashion magazines in the world. Not only is this magazine filled with fashion advice and beauty tips, it also discusses topics that affect all women from health to politics.

3) Harper’s Bazaar


From casual to couture, this fashion magazine is for those who enjoy it all. With up-and-coming designers and talented photographers, it offers a beautiful and unique view in to the world of fashion.

4) W


With an elegant and colorful presentation, this magazine has earned the gold medal award for fashion photography three times. For further insight in to fashion, it covers both European and American…

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Should I join this local church?

Sanctified Rant //


If you are looking to join a local church, here are 4 questions that it may be helpful to consider:

1. Do I buy-in to the vision?

Every local church should have a clear vision. A church that has no sense of direction will soon wander off track and end up in all kinds of trouble. What’s worse, it will almost certainly sleep walk into anonymity and irrelevance. Now it would be easy to make the question of vision all about the missional or ecclesiological direction that a church is going in. And those things are important, but they are not primary. What is of prime importance is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In other words, is this church captivated and motivated by nothing less than Jesus Christ Himself? And is that enough for you? Many churches claim to have vision that is big, bold and adventurous. However, I want to suggest that you can’t get bigger…

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