Draft : Migraines

When I found truth, there I found God, Who is the truth itself.

 St. Augustine


In an ideal world, life is free of pain , shame , envy, and every individual is on their best behaviour life is in ‘High Definition’ and maybe the streets are paved in gold, food is abundant and we all live in harmony. Sounds just like heaven and I as most Christians look forward to spending entirety.  In the mean time I have to learn to be content in all circumstances and live daily with purpose. .

Living with an invisible illness can be difficult especially if if the doctors are still investigating and have not diagnosed completely what is going on with you . I had an appointment with a neurologist who confirmed I had Chronic Migraine and he is suggesting 1 of the 3 options

  • Acupuncture
  • Botox
  • Greater Occipital nerve Blocker

All the 3 suggestions involve needles inserted to my head and provide temporary relief as I require more than 1 procedure. I need to make a decision by saturday and I am tempted to cancel my appointment and forfeit the procedure. The relief I will receive may (emphasis on may ) provide relief that is short lived and I am hoping will enable me focus on my dissertation . I am almost willing to risk it. One thing is certain ,any option I decide comes with the much dreaded recording of symptoms to determine its effectiveness.

One aspect of living with an invisible illness that is difficult  for me is keeping journals of everything for different doctors. To think I always saw keeping a dairy as a unique way to put my thoughts on paper, it was fun when I did it for pleasure , but now it seems its mandatory.  I now have to keep track of the following

  1. Food journal : meals , water symptoms
  2. Prescription
  3. Sleep journal
  4. Chronic Pain
  5. Chronic Fatigue
  6. Symptom
  7. Exercise
  8. Heart Rate and blood pressure
  9. Bowel movement
  10. Pacing

I must admit, I find it hard but I am hopeful


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