Understanding Low- FODMAP Diet

Hello, and welcome to my blog . One of the major changes people that have invisible illnesses (IBS, PoTS, fibromylagia,…) have to make is with the diet and this has been one of the toughest areas I have struggled with. I have been placed on the low- FODMAP diet and a couple of  other diets.  After much deliberation, I decided based on my nutritionist advice to start the Low-FODMAP diet but this time around, I intend to get a better understanding of what this diet entails.  Dr Sue and Dr. Peter’s book  is going to be my companion for the next few days as

  • I  try to understand the diet better
  • to ensure I stick to the diet
  • Also find out how  I can still eat Nigerian food
  • Most importantly stay healthy and add weight
Meal Prep , Low FODMAP DIET

Meal Prep , Low FODMAP DIET

IMG_0242 IMG_0275


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