invisible illness… the unseen silent killer

If anyone tells me you look good when every part of my body hurts, I have no idea what my reaction will be. Am meant to be reading but I cannot concentrate. My dissertation has come to an halt and I have been attempting to  write for over 9 months . I have a good understanding of what , but the sad part is I am unable to concentrate and I have brain fog.  The doctors say I need to pace myself. I understand that i also need to practice mindfulness. Haha this is getting too much. The worse part is people see me and say , wow you look good , and my response is today the pain is like a 7 and am happy when it is . When  asked ,

“what part of my body hurts my response is , rephrase your question what part does not hurt.

I hurt in places I never knew a human being could hurt. It is unbelievable how even I would have ignored people in the position I am in now . The truth about invisible illnesses like PoTS and Fibromyalgia is that it is impossible to explain when you unwell you are. Everyday you get up hoping you will be able to get through the day.  Some days  even the easiest task like taking a shower  seems daunting . It kills you slowly and you are given medication that has side effects . What next , it cnt get worse than this …


5 thoughts on “invisible illness… the unseen silent killer

    • It really is horrible , I guess we can draw strength from knowing its not in our heads (as some doctors may think) and we have others going through similar situations that we could get tips from or just give a word of encouragement.

      • It certainly is a horrible illness. I was also told that it was all in my head…unfortunately that’s not the case. These individuals need the proper information about Fibro so they realize that it is a real Illness and a painful one at that. Thanks for your post and getting the word out there!

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