You don’t find a girl like that every dynasty

Inspirational , every tom boy has a princess within

Cayley Grace

Anastasia (Mulan)Growing up, I could never decide on my favourite “Disney Princess”.  I put it in inverted commas because one of three isn’t a princess, and another isn’t even Disney.  The toss up was between the three I deemed feistiest – Belle, Anastasia, and Mulan.  I used to dream of being a princess, but I wanted to be a princess who fought for what she believed in, one who protected what was important to her, and one who won the respect of others not by being a princess, but by being worthy of respect.Belle (Mulan)

I watched Mulan again recently and it brought a surge of memories.  Mulan gets us girls.  There’s something that just connects in almost every little girl’s brain when she watches Mulan, and I think it boils down to one statement: “Look, this one’s late, but I’ll bet when it blooms it will be the most beautiful of…

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