You don’t find a girl like that every dynasty

Inspirational , every tom boy has a princess within

Cayley Grace

Anastasia (Mulan)Growing up, I could never decide on my favourite “Disney Princess”.  I put it in inverted commas because one of three isn’t a princess, and another isn’t even Disney.  The toss up was between the three I deemed feistiest – Belle, Anastasia, and Mulan.  I used to dream of being a princess, but I wanted to be a princess who fought for what she believed in, one who protected what was important to her, and one who won the respect of others not by being a princess, but by being worthy of respect.Belle (Mulan)

I watched Mulan again recently and it brought a surge of memories.  Mulan gets us girls.  There’s something that just connects in almost every little girl’s brain when she watches Mulan, and I think it boils down to one statement: “Look, this one’s late, but I’ll bet when it blooms it will be the most beautiful of…

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One day…

Week 2 : Song of the week . My sister Loves this song

One day God said, “Go.”

And I said no, because it was too hot.

One day God said go.

And I said no, because it was too expensive.

One day God said, “Go.”

And I said no, because I had other things to do.

One day God said, “Go.”

And I finally did.

And I found out he wasn’t just saying “Go.” He was saying “come.”

“Come to me, and realize what my heart is really like.  Come to me, and realize that joy is not your circumstances or money or being able to look at yourself in a mirror or food with real cheese. Come to me and find that you don’t need marriage to fulfill you.  Come to me and find that your rules and relationships and talents and churches and jobs are meaningless if you don’t care for the poor and broken and dirty.  Come to me…

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