Song of the week: Well Done – Phil Laeger ft Aaron Shust

Every day as Christians, we are faced with decisions on what to listen to and what not to. For some people it is quite easy to determine what to take in and to others it is not . I met with a group of ladies recently for a breakfast meeting in London and we discussed how the media influences us both positively and negatively . I remember saying how I had in the past struggled with music and the impact it had on my life . I made up my mind years ago to begin listening to Christian songs and purchasing only Gospel music on iTunes so I had a wonderful collection of not just inspirational music, but Songs that speak of the goodness of God and glorify his Holy name. I did a lot of research and came across men and women that have Are Serving God with their talent.

I came across Aaron Shust whom I adore completely and it comes as no surprise that is song is the fast I am reviewing . My previous post contained the Lyrics to this song and the words made me fall to my knees because it was the cry of my heart . Everyone Christian knows that the race we run is for a purpose to meet with our saviour one day . Ok I will speak of myself . I am a Christian that wants to come face to face with her creator and I want him to sat to me “well done my good and faithful servant” .

Why Review Christian Music ?

Do not get me wrong am not reviewing music to critic the songs or determine who sang a song or hymn better. No, Thats not the aim. The aim is rather to draw people to the variety of songs that are out there that do the following:

Glorify God
Speak of hIs Goodness and mercy , and love for us
Talk about the relationship we have with Him
speak volumes of the Christian faith and how the word became flesh
Tell of the return of Jesus Christ
Speak of the Holy Spirit
Teach the bible ( yes , I said teach)
and also songs that have blessed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined .
speak of the importance of hymns , songs and praises.
Music sows seeds in the heart and souls of men and when they are in a narrow place or hurting what they have heard could give them the strength and courage to face their fears .

I urge you to pay attention to the songs you listen to, and observe the impact they have in your life . It may seem like an harmless song but we are greatly influenced by war we listen to . So many times we may not listen to the news or even watch TV because of the busy schedules we run . One common practice our generation has is listening to music with earphones when we are in transit. Its a step at a time but lets make a conscious effort to listen to songs that have the right lyrics , and glorify God.


What does the song of the week involve ?

Every week, I will list a song in what I have tagged as the song of the week. This songs are songs I have listened to and believe will be a blessing to you . I hope by sharing a little part of what of my life , you can take a step into the little world of me This will enable you have a better idea of whats involved in Togus Stage.


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