Song of the week: Well Done – Phil Laeger ft Aaron Shust

Every day as Christians, we are faced with decisions on what to listen to and what not to. For some people it is quite easy to determine what to take in and to others it is not . I met with a group of ladies recently for a breakfast meeting in London and we discussed how the media influences us both positively and negatively . I remember saying how I had in the past struggled with music and the impact it had on my life . I made up my mind years ago to begin listening to Christian songs and purchasing only Gospel music on iTunes so I had a wonderful collection of not just inspirational music, but Songs that speak of the goodness of God and glorify his Holy name. I did a lot of research and came across men and women that have Are Serving God with their talent.

I came across Aaron Shust whom I adore completely and it comes as no surprise that is song is the fast I am reviewing . My previous post contained the Lyrics to this song and the words made me fall to my knees because it was the cry of my heart . Everyone Christian knows that the race we run is for a purpose to meet with our saviour one day . Ok I will speak of myself . I am a Christian that wants to come face to face with her creator and I want him to sat to me “well done my good and faithful servant” .

Why Review Christian Music ?

Do not get me wrong am not reviewing music to critic the songs or determine who sang a song or hymn better. No, Thats not the aim. The aim is rather to draw people to the variety of songs that are out there that do the following:

Glorify God
Speak of hIs Goodness and mercy , and love for us
Talk about the relationship we have with Him
speak volumes of the Christian faith and how the word became flesh
Tell of the return of Jesus Christ
Speak of the Holy Spirit
Teach the bible ( yes , I said teach)
and also songs that have blessed me in more ways than I could have ever imagined .
speak of the importance of hymns , songs and praises.
Music sows seeds in the heart and souls of men and when they are in a narrow place or hurting what they have heard could give them the strength and courage to face their fears .

I urge you to pay attention to the songs you listen to, and observe the impact they have in your life . It may seem like an harmless song but we are greatly influenced by war we listen to . So many times we may not listen to the news or even watch TV because of the busy schedules we run . One common practice our generation has is listening to music with earphones when we are in transit. Its a step at a time but lets make a conscious effort to listen to songs that have the right lyrics , and glorify God.


What does the song of the week involve ?

Every week, I will list a song in what I have tagged as the song of the week. This songs are songs I have listened to and believe will be a blessing to you . I hope by sharing a little part of what of my life , you can take a step into the little world of me This will enable you have a better idea of whats involved in Togus Stage.


Keeping your house in order as a single ?

This is an old post I wrote over 2 years ago and will like to share . 

I woke up this morning and all the Holy Spirit kept laying in my heart was keep your house in order. I got out of bed and started sorting out my physical environment , laundry , library , bathroom , kitchen and all but I still felt a nudging that it was not my physical house God was referring to. Being single and far away from home I always felt the need to ensure I tidy up and things as neat as possible. One thing is certain; my mother would not be cautioning me on how important it was to keep things in the appropriate place both physically and spiritually. That’s when I realised that I had been paying too much attention to my physical environment and neglected my spiritual environment. Immediately I fell on my knees and started praying and asking God to guard me in the right direction and ensure I did not fall into any temptation but I still felt empty like there was more to be done. I had been postponing so many spiritual assignments for a very long time and I guess it was then I realised that if I did not take responsibility for my life as a single lady then how do I expect to be able to pass down to a new generation what I had learn and was learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. The truth is if we do not find the strength to rise from the ashes and start again we would never move on. We have come too far to give up , we have to rise up to the challenge and equip ourselves because God has planted wonderful gifts in every one on earthBefore I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1: 5.

As Christians the base for every decision we make should be the bible. We should learn to prepare ourselves not based on what is accepted by the world but what the word of God says  Romans 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Setting your house in order contrary to what the world believes is not something that should be done when we know that the end is coming but it is something we should do daily. there are certain people we hold in high esteem spiritually and I they are around us we would not do certain things and we would always ensure we put our best foot forward when we know they would be informed of any action we take . Why do not take this attitude with The Lord. He is the author and finisher of our faith; He died to be our saviour but leaves to be our King.

I would just like to point out that setting your house in order is not a box ticking exercise but a personal work with God it involves letting go daily and letting God completely .  The next few paragraphs would describe a few things that I have personally decided to embark on to ensure that I do not go through a spiritual drought.

1.       Accepting Jesus Christ: In order to find fulfilment every individual must learn to first accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.  

2.      Understanding your identity in Christ: most Christians do not understand their identity in Christ. (2 COR 5:16). Your belief system and behavioural pattern as a Christian is based on understanding that you are. You must realise you are significant, accepted and secure in Christ (romans 8) as believers, we are not trying to become saints, we are saints who are becoming like Christ. it transcends going to church and been a member of a bible believing church but knowing Jesus for yourself . Understanding the relationship that exists between you and God. Know the role you play and the Role He plays and accept that you are indeed created in the image and likeness of God.

3.       Study the word: To ensure your house is in order you need to study the word, feed yourself spiritually keep a track of your spiritual growth I suggest keeping a journal. By ensuring you build your faith daily and base the decisions you make on scriptures. You are meant to be touched by the Holy Spirit and you need to create time to develop yourself. Do not be spiritually dead create time to the study the word of God. Make it an habit to learn something new about Christ. You can decide to read a book in the bible as a personal study it is always best to work on your spiritual growth based on how best you study. Find out your strengths when it comes to studying and develop it. It helps to see it has mandatory like you eat 3 times a day or get to make your hair plan what you will study and do it . If you miss out on a day do not kill yourself but pick yourself up and continue. Never give up on learning, search the scriptures for yourself. Get back to the bible.


4.      Do what is right : Living without sin is achievable but most times we  are misguided by three things

        I.            The wrong standard of Holiness

      II.            The wrong source of power to change

    III.            The wrong motive for fighting Sin (Harris, 2008)

                           John Wesley once wrote to his mother when he was struggling with sin and this was her response to him

take this rule: whatever weakens your reasons , impairs the tenderness of your conscience , obscures your sense of God, or takes off the relish of spiritual things; in short whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself “

 We need to be true to ourselves and question our actions Questions we should as our selves

ü  Do I view Sin as an act of rebellion against God

ü  Is there true sorrow over my sin or do I merely dislike the consequences

ü  Am I cultivating a hatred for this Sin

ü  What further actions do I need to take


Do not confuse confession with repentance. When we sin we need to repent truly it goes beyond acknowledging that you have committed a sin but Picking up your sword Hebrews: 12, 2 Timothy 3: and guarding your heart with all diligence.

5.      What should we avoid: in an attempt to place our houses in order we need to know what to avoid that could lead us to sin. Personally in my late teens and early 20’s I realised I was drawn to books all types of fiction and music especially rock and roll. It was a big struggle setting this right and I had to painfully take steps to ensure I listened to all Christian songs and read Christian Literature .this has made a tremendous change in my life, as I have now created A VAST COLLECTION Of songs and Christian authors that promote what is right. In one on my favourite books, I came across these guidelines that hope would be beneficial in determining what we feed our mind.

ü  Do not listen or spend money on anything that Promotes an evil message : if it tends to  presents evil as good  then we need to be avoid it .This can be done when a movie or song  celebrates  sins such as lying , stealing murder , adultery in an attractive way. This is a personal decision and I hold firm to this because the bible tells us to avoid every kind of evil 1Thesellonains  

ü  Do not engage in any activity that uses an evil method: Regardless of the point of the story the end does not justify the means. Stand for the truth, make integrity you watch word.    Do not seek to be right see the truth

ü  Do not be offended in different opinion: If you take a stand to live right you would definitely face opposition from the world. One thing that may keep you going is not seeking to be right but to share the truth humbly (Harris, 2003) . the truth you know has set you free so share it with love , kindness and a clean heart.

ü  Pull down: in your life Strongholds Psalm 101: 2-4 and if the need arises change habits                             

6.       Make yourself accountable: One common mistake make is assuming we are in this alone. The Christian faith is not done alone if this was so God would not instruct us to fellowship together. Identify in your life friends or foe, righteous or unrighteous, mentors, teachers and whoever you are accountable to. God has surrounded us with people who would ensure we are not falling astray. It is also best to develop relationship with people that you share the word of God with. Form a prayer circle or chain .It is always best to ensure that there is balance in this chain / circle do it is not advisable to pick someone of the opposite sex as a prayer partner . One important tool that can be used to build a prayer chain or bible study group is the social media. Make use of these Medias effectively by sharing materials, thoughts and prayer points. It is best we find the lord in the days of our youths. We need to realise that by standing together in one accord. Let us discipline ourselves and encourage ourselves. We will learn something new as our faith we grow when we know the bible.

 To strengthen our will to serve God we need to be sincere in asking for the truth, approach with a sincere heart. We should restrain from seeking to be right all the time, we are on a journey going somewhere and we should never let pride prevent us from accomplishing our God given mission. Remember, God gives the vision; he gives the man the mission and the option. God has given us a myriad of choices, and we would be held accountable, build yourself, submit to the authority of the Holy Spirit. Allow God to guard you and do not become self-righteous. People cannot consistently behave in ways that are inconsistent with the way they perceive themselves Just know there is a purpose for those who wait. 


Song of the Week 1 : Well Done Phil Laeger (feat. Aaron Shust)

There is a reason for me to be here

There is a purpose that You have made clear

Jesus, I love You, and I want my life

To be lived for Your glory, to be good in Your sight

“Well done”

I wanna hear You say, “Well done”

At the end of my days

All I want is Your praise

“Well done”

I wanna hear You say, “Well done”

At the end of my days

All I want is Your praise

And to hear You say,

“Well done”

I wanna hear You say, “Well done”

At the end of my days

All I want is Your praise

And to hear You say…

“Well done, good and faithful one, well done”

“Well done, My beloved child, well done”

“Well done”

I wanna hear You say, “Well done”

At the end of my days

All I want is Your praise

And to hear You say,

“Well done”

I wanna hear You say, “Well done”

At the end of my days

When this body is raised

By the cross and Your grace

I will hear You say

“Well done”



What do I choose to believe?

The story of the Samaritan woman by the well and Jesus in John 4 : 1- 26, has invariably been a story I read and could tell with ease.    Prior to this period, my focus was on the emphasis on His response in verse 10  “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink; you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water (John 4: 10) .This verse has constantly appealed to me, because it speaks volumes of what we gain when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal Saviour.I paid little or no attention to verse 29 “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did John 4:29. 

Why did this verse stand out you may wonder? The answer lies in looking over my life in-retrospect as an understanding of past events gives a better understanding of the present and the future. As a young lady, I have struggled a great deal with my health, and this has affected my interaction with others, social and academic life. For over 10 years, the simplest task always proved difficult for me, but I looked good from the outside and few people except my family members and close friends knew the struggles I was going through. This has resulted in me visiting over 20 medical practitioners and specialist in three continents to no avail. Trips to doctors were always undertaken with mixed emotions, sometimes I got excited that I was finally getting a diagnosis, other times I ended up in tears because the doctors just totally ignored my Symptoms ( I had quite a lot). Some doctors said we can focus only on one at a time so, which is the most critical I got a breakthrough in 2010 when I got diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hyper-mobility, but it provided temporal relief, and I still felt I was always running a marathon even when I stayed in bed. I went to India in 2012, and they had no idea what to do with me. Some doctors said nothing was wrong because all my test results could not detect any faults with my system, and I was once again discharged and given a bill of health or rather a partial one. I decided to attempt acupuncture, although I was scared but in 10 minutes, the attendant provided more insight to my symptoms than all the team of doctors I had seen, and he told me things about my system I have not even paid attention to. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier, I could not continue with the other attendants, and I was left once more to continue my struggle with pains. In 2013, I decided to make another attempt and put a lot of pressure, and I got referred to two specialists who mentioned something about my pulse and referred m out to see Professor R G. I waited 3months for that appointment, and I arrived two hours before my appointment and in one hour, he could provide an answer to all my questions and in spite of linked a lot of things to my childhood. He said I had no idea that the way I in spite of held a pen was because I was in pain when I wrote. In shock and disbelief my response was ” yes ” . Nevertheless, I assumed it was as a result of writing for a long time . He went ahead to ask a lot about my childhood, and He diagnosed the following;

  • Postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Pots,

  • Hyper-mobility Syndrome EDS Type 3,

  •  Irritable bowel syndrome bowel syndrome (IBS),

  •  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

  •  Chronic pain,

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Marfan Syndrome.

I have been referred to over five specialists in the past six weeks, and I now realise I have to make major changes to my lifestyle. I am willing to, but I am relived to know that God has not left me alone. He made a way when I assumed there was no way. I choose to believe I will be made whole. What do you choose to believe? So many times we give up easily and fail to let, go and let God. I am not where I want to be, but I believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. God has washed our sins away, and if we believe in His Son Jesus, we can drink from the fountain; it will not lose its Power because it flows from the lamb of God. (to be continued)